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Things people with Social Anxiety do


•go to the bathroom to escape

•feel very uncomfortable without a phone or some other crutch

•dwell on a small awkward moment for much longer than necessary

•never go to any social event without a person that makes you feel comfortable

•follow said person way too much

•worry about the person beginning to find you obnoxious

•faking an illness to get out of a social event

•Dont buy something necessary because the cashier is intimidating. 

(Source: peacefully-anxious)






what really sucks is when you know you should be doing something but physically cannot bring yourself to do it no matter how important doing that thing is

the level of stress makes your mind go blank, kinda like stage fright, and people just think you’re lazy

it’s awful

This is me during a panic attack at work.

Pretty much me for the last three weeks at times

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